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5 Traditional Dutch games! - Part 2

Did you enjoy the first part of oud-Hollandse spelletjes? The oud-Hollandse spelletjes described here are played on Koningsdag, sports days at schools, family gatherings, or at children’s parties. I made sure to include what you need, so you can play them at home!

 Zakdoekje leggen

What you need: a handkerchief

orange handkerchief (for: zakdoekje leggen)

Zakdoekje leggen literally translates to “putting down the handkerchief”. And for this game, you only need a handkerchief! Sit everyone but one person down in a circle on the ground. The person outside the circle has the handkerchief. Everyone in the circle closes their eyes and sings this song:

''Zakdoekje leggen, niemand zeggen, ik heb de hele nacht gewaakt. 

Twee paar schoenen heb ik afgemaakt.

Eén van stof en één van leer, hier leg ik mijn zakdoekje neer.''


The person with the handkerchief walks around the circle and puts the handkerchief down behind someone. When the song is finished, everyone opens their eyes and checks if the handkerchief is behind them. The person with the handkerchief behind him or her stands up and tries to tag the person who put the handkerchief down. But the person who put down the handkerchief can now try to steal the spot of the person who sat in the circle. If the person gets tagged, you have to stay on the outside and do the song again. If that person steals the spot, they can sit in the circle and the other gets the handkerchief.

Ezeltje prik

donkey tail with a blue bow (for: ezeltje prikken)

What you need: a (large) printed picture/drawing of a donkey without a tail, a donkey tail (a thumbtack with a piece of string), a blindfold, a marker

Ezeltje prik literally translates to “pin the donkey”. You have to pin the donkey's tail in the right place on the donkey when blindfolded. After someone pinned the tail, mark the spot. The person that pins the tail closest to the donkey butt wins!


What you need: 6 empty cans, 3 fabric balls (you could also use corn bags)

a pyramid of stacked orange cans (for: blikgooien)

At Blikgooien ( (which literally translates to “can throwing”) you have to try to throw the cans over with a ball. Stack six cans on top of each other in a pyramid and let each participant knock over the tower with the balls. The person who can do this best, for example with the fewest balls or gets the pyramid completely off the table, wins.


a girl walking with an egg on a spoon (for: egg walking)

What you need: a spoon, and an egg (for each participant) 

At eierlopen (which literally translates to “egg walking”), you have to walk through a course holding a spoon with an egg on it. The person who can do this the fastest wins. You can make this game more difficult by having them walk with the spoon in their mouth!



What you need: a chair for each participant, music

kids playing musical chairs (Dutch: stoelendans)

Stoelendans (which literally translates to “chair dance”), is the same as musical chairs. Check out this playlist with Dutch music on Spotify to dance your heart out!


Veel plezier met de oud-Hollandse spelletjes!

Have fun with the games traditional Dutch games!


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