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Dutch Academy comes from a places of love for the Dutch language and culture, and I'm exited to share it with you!

Hoi, ik ben Naomi...

Hi, I am Naomi and I'm the teacher and founder of Dutch Academy.

As you can see from the picture on the background, I grew up in a beautiful village on the countryside around Gouda (That's right, the city of cheese!). I moved to Vancouver in July 2020 and it quickly felt like a second home.

In The Netherlands, I taught Dutch to refugee students at an elementary school, organized a program for gifted children, and developed learning materials for a comprehensive reading method.


At the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, I graduated with a Master's Degree in Educational Sciences, and a Bachelor's Degree in Education. 

I love teaching and developing learning materials and I have always been passionate about the Dutch language. Dutch expressions are my favorite! 


Now in Vancouver, it is my mission to make learning Dutch fun and exciting for everyone and share the Dutch culture and 'gezelligheid'!

Welcome at Dutch Academy!

Naomi Verstoep, teacher and founder of Dutch Academy

What does Dutch Academy stand for?


Learn Dutch with an accredited learning method (Contact! Nieuw) and experienced teacher. 


Interactive lessons that relate to real-life situations and will challenge you to get better and better!


In small groups, structured lessons, and the availability to ask questions during the week, you will get most out of your studies.


Enjoy the lessons in an informal atmosphere and get in touch with others learning Dutch!

"You have eaten cheese from that!"

Dutch Expression: to make sense of something.

"Daar heb je wel kaas van gegeten!"

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