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Are you planning to move, work or study in The Netherlands or Belgium?

You may need a to prove your Dutch skills for your visa, school admission, or employment.

The Staatsexamen is organized multiple times per year in the Netherlands. It is a great alternative to the CNaVT exam (which you can take once a year in Canada).

What is it?

The Staatsexamen (Nt2) is an official examination program of the Dutch government. "Nt2" stands for "Nederlands als tweede taal" and means "Dutch as second language". 

The exam is organized every few months in different cities in The Netherlands. You can take this exam only in the Netherlands. If you would like to take an exam in Canada for your visa or study permit, please check out the CNaVT exam.

After successfully passing the exam, you can use the obtained diploma to fulfill the language requirements for the language requirements of the Civic Integration Exam. However, you must still meet other not-language related criteria for the Civic Integration process or Dutch citizenship.

What are the different levels?

The Staatsexamen Nt2 consists of two programs:

  • Program I (B1 level): After completing the Advanced Courses, you are ready to take on this level.

  • Program II (B2 level): To reach level B2, you first finish the Advanced level and then take private lessons. There are no group lessons to reach level B2, because it is important to practice with a native Dutch speaker. 

Both exams evaluate your proficiency in four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. After completing each skill successfully, you will receive an official certificate.


If you pass all four skills, you will be awarded the Diploma Staatsexamen Nt2. This official document has no expiration date.

How to take this exam?

The Dutch government administers the Staatsexamen Nt2 at six different exam locations in the Netherlands:

  • Amsterdam

  • Eindhoven

  • Rijswijk

  • Rotterdam

  • Utrecht

  • Zwolle


To take the exam, you must be physically present at the exam location.

Each of the four exams is held on a separate day, and you can choose to register and pay for all exams at once or separately for each part. The registration fee for each exam is €50, and the total fee for all four exams is €200. This fee applies to both Program I and Program II.

How to apply?

To register for the exam, follow these steps:

  1. Check the official timetable of the exam to check upcoming exam dates.

  2. Visit the DUO website to register for your preferred exam. You can do this 8 weeks in advance.

  3. Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation letter from DUO, which will contain the date and exact time of your examination. Be sure to bring this letter with you to the exam location.

  4. Be well-prepared and arrive on time. Plan your transportation to the exam location, check public transportation options, and identify nearby parking facilities. 

  5. On the exam day, you must present a valid ID and the confirmation letter from DUO.

Interested in taking an exam?

If you are planning to take this exam, please feel free to get in touch and talk about the best pathway for you to ace this exam!

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