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Private lessons

Do you prefer one-on-one instruction? Or would you like to train for an exam?

Private lessons are tailored to your goals and are available for all levels.

The process

In an intake interview, we will discuss your goals to design the best learning plan for you.


The dates and times of the lessons will be chosen together. Private lessons can be in-person (Metro Vancouver) or online through Zoom. If you prefer not to use Zoom, we can also use Teams or another medium. 


  • 1 private lesson: $70 per hour ​+ tax

  • package of 5 private lessons: $65 per hour ​+ tax

  • package of 10 private lessons: $60 per hour ​+ tax

Private lessons can be online and in-person, but please note: private lessons have a minimum length of 1.5 hours. 

How to sign up?

Click the button below to complete the registration form. I will then invite you for an intake interview to discuss your goals and determine the dates and times of the lessons. After, you will then receive an invoice with payment information. Registration is complete after receiving the payment.

Feel free to contact me for an intake interview, before you fill out the registration form.

Leave your details in the form below and I will get in touch.

Interested in learning Dutch?

Leave your details and let's get in touch!

Dankjewel! (= Dutch for thank you!)

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