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Take an exam

Are you planning to move, work or study in The Netherlands or Belgium?

You may need a certificate to prove your Dutch skills.

The CNaVT exam

Dutch Academy is an official examinor of the CNaVT. This means that you can take your exams right here in Vancouver! It is organized yearly in May.


The Staatsexamen is a great alternative to the CNaVT exam. It is held multiple times a year and takes place in the Netherlands.

Civic Integration Exam

If you are applying for the provisional residence permit (MVV), you must first pass the Civic Integration Exam Abroad. 

Other exams

Some schools or unions in Europe have their own Dutch exams. Please feel free to send me a message and I can help you figure out what exam you need.


What the students say!

Naomi was an absolute pleasure to work with and made learning Dutch easy and fun! I was required to learn a second language to get into INSEAD’s MBA program and she took me from an A1 to a B2 level in just over two months. I was already at an A2 verbally because I have Dutch speaking parents, but my reading abilities were poor, and I could not write!


Naomi was very accommodating and always prepared. At times it almost felt like a good friend was teaching me Dutch which is important as learning a new language for those who are shyer requires the establishment of a comfort-zone.


For anyone looking for a kind, organized, committed language instructor, Naomi is your girl!

- Nicky 

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