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In the intermediate courses you will expand your knowledge and skills by learning more complex sentences and situations and applying this in practice.


​At the end of the intermediate courses, you will have reached level A2 of the CEFR. This means that you will be able to apply the learned grammar from level A1 and A2 in speech. After completing the intermediate courses you can take an exam.


The intermediate level consists of three courses: Intermediate 1, 2 and 3.

Each course consists of 10 live online lessons of 1.5 hours.

Exact lesson dates are decided together to make sure you can join all of them.

Intermediate course - live online classes

  • Intermediate 1
    In this course you will learn: the regular and irregular present perfect (perfectum), use separable verbs, negations, reference words and pronouns, and difficult sentence structures.


    At the end of the course, you can talk about activities in the past, give your opinion, talk about the position of people and objects, have a conversation in a clothing store, describe people and objects, talk about your education and work experience, and organize a party.


    Intermediate 2
    In this course you will learn: difficult conjunctions and adverbs, the subordinate clause (bijzin), regular and irregular simple past (imperfectum).


    At the end of the course, you will be able to describe how you live, explain your choices, ask and accept help, understand information in public transport, explain why you are late (and think of excuses), talk about the news, evaluate a conversation or event, and quickly explain emergency situations.


    Intermediate 3
    In this course you will learn: the formal imperative, the prefix position of separable verbs, the position of adjectives in sentences and when to add an -e, and use the simple past of zullen as a friendly request.


    At the end of the course, you will be able to talk about post secondary education, describe people, objects and situations, write formal and informal letters, talk about medical issues, understand instructions on medication manuals, understand information on company invoices, and give arguments for your point of view.

  • If, for any reason, you find that a live online course or an in-person course hasn't commenced within 90 days of your purchase, don't worry!

    Just reach out to, and a refund will be arranged.

    Please keep in mind that if the course is slated to start within that timeframe, we won't be able to process a reimbursement.

    Please feel free to read the full terms and conditions here.

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