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5 Dutch TV shows to help you learn Dutch

There a lot of great TV shows in the Netherlands. From news shows to survival shows, and from informative shows to game shows, there is something for everyone and every level. Here are five Dutch TV shows to help you learn Dutch!

Expeditie Robinson

Survival show

Expeditie Robinson 2019 participants (Source:

About: Expeditie Robinson is my favorite Dutch TV show of all time. In the show, contestants are put into a survival situation and compete in a variety of physical challenges. In the beginning of the season teams compete with other teams, but later the teams are merged and the competitions become individual. At the end of each episode, one contestant is eliminated by the other teams in a secret "Island Council" ballot.

Because the show is such a success, after every regular episode they made an ‘Eilandpraat’ (= ‘Island talk’) episode where they talk with the eliminated contestant. You don’t have to watch these episodes to get the original show, they are a bonus.

Level: This is a great show for all levels!

Where to watch: YouTube (FREE): Expeditie Robinson 2019:

Ik hou van Holland

Gameshow about the Netherlands

Ik hou van Holland studio (Source:

About: If you would like to practice your knowledge of Dutch culture, this is the show for you! In this funny program, Dutch celebrities are divided in two teams and compete with each other in different game rounds. A few classic games are: guess where this city is in the NL (by putting a cheese on the map); guess the Dutch song; spell a (crazy) Dutch word, and ‘geen ja, geen nee en geen uh..’ where you have to answer questions but you can’t say ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘ehh’ for 2 minutes.

Level: This show is funny and easy to watch for all levels!

Where to watch: (FREE but VPN needed):

Keuringsdienst van waarde


Keuringsdienst van Waarde presenters (Source:

About: The name ‘Keuringsdienst van Waarde’ translates to ‘Inspection service of Value' and the program provides insight into the production of food and other consumer products and tries to separate sense from nonsense. Each episode deals with a different subject. At the beginning of an episode, the presenters call the consumer information department of companies. The program shows a selection of the conversations, which usually contain confusing or incorrect information. Later, the presenters report on their own research, in which the industrial production process is examined on the one hand (visits to a factory) and on the other hand the traditional process is explained (talking to bakers, butchers and other experts).

Level: Intermediate to advanced.

Where to watch: NPO start (FREE, no VPN needed):

Floortje naar het einde van de wereld

Travel show

Floortje Dessing naar het einde van de wereld
Floortje Dessing (Source:

About: Floortje Dessing is a Dutch travel show icon. In this show Floortje travels to the farthest corners of the world. In each episode she travels to a different remote and isolated destination where she visits people who lead a special life here. She takes part in their lives for a few days and experiences what it is like to live in such an unusual place. If you like travel shows, you have to watch Floortje Dessing!

Level: This show is for all levels. Because they are traveling to different countries, they also speak English in the show.

NOS Jeugdjournaal


NOS Jeugjournaal (Source:

About: The ‘Jeugdjournaal’ literally means ‘Youth news’ and is is a news program for children aged 9 to 12. It has been around for almost 35 years but children all over the Netherlands still watch it every day. It is a great way to learn more vocabulary about the current affairs in the Netherlands but also the rest of the world. The vocabulary is less difficult than the regular news, but sometimes they still speak fast.

There is an ‘Ochtendjournaal’, which is a 5-minute morning episode (only on weekdays) and there is a daily ‘Avondjournaal’, which is a 20-minute evening episode. The ‘Ochtendjournaal’ is watched in a lot of elementary school classrooms in the Netherlands every day.

Level: Intermediate

Where to watch: On the Jeugdjournaal website (FREE, no VPN needed):

Are you also interested in Dutch expressions, vocabulary and fun facts?

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