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5 Dutch TV shows to help you learn Dutch – part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Dutch TV shows to help you learn Dutch!

Have you missed part 1? No problem, check it out here.

All TV shows named in this blog are free and you are able to watch them from all over the world. Moreover, they are are fun to watch and great for learning Dutch!


Language game show

Two contestants in Lingo
Two contestants in Lingo (Source: SBS 6)

About: Do you like the game Wordle? The show ‘Lingo’ is basically Dutch Wordle! And if you like to play yourself, try this website for the Dutch version of Wordle:

Level: All levels. It is a great way to new words from the contestants and listen to them talking about koetjes en kalfjes (small talk). This game show is a real classic in the Netherlands and started in 1989. There are lots of episodes for you to watch!

Where to watch: NPO Start

Wie is de Mol?

Adventurous game show

Wie is de Mol? logo
Wie is de Mol? logo (Source: BNN VARA)

About: Wie is de Mol? is one of the most popular TV shows in the Netherlands. It is an adventurous game show in which ten well-known Dutch people carry out assignments abroad. One of them is the Mole, a saboteur, a candidate who cannot be trusted. While the other candidates try to complete as many assignments as possible and try to earn money for the pot, the Mole will try to thwart the others. His goal is to leave as little money in the pot as possible.

Level: All levels.

Contestants can speak fast and sometimes have different accents, but for beginners there is an option to turn on English subtitles. If you are on a intermediate or advanced level, challenge yourself and try to watch without the subtitles.

Where to watch: Full episodes are on YouTube. And this is the link to the Belgian Wie is de Mol?, although that show is not free.

First dates

Dating show

Maître Sergio and bartender Victor in First Dates.
Maître Sergio and bartender Victor in First Dates. (Source: BNN VARA)

About: This is the Dutch version of the originally British dating show. People are matched on a blind date and have dinner in a unique restaurant in which everyone is on a first date. This is one of my personal favorites! This show is a great way to start listening to Dutch conversations because people are new to each other and they will talk about themselves. It’s also a good way to get introduced to different Dutch accents and dialects.

Level: Beginner and intermediate.

Where to watch: The full episodes are not available for free, but you can find a lot of 10-minute videos in this official playlist on YouTube.

Je zal het maar hebben

Short documentary

Presenter Jurre and Marvin.
Presenter Jurre (r) with Marvin (l). (Bron: NPO 3)

About: This beautiful and moving show dives into the lives of inspiring young adults with a rare condition or disease. This show is a true gem on Dutch television.

Level: Beginner and intermediate.

Where to watch: Full episodes on NPO Start, or 10-15 minute fragments on YouTube.

Ik vertrek

Travel show

Ik Vertrek logo
Ik Vertrek logo (Source:

About: Have you ever moved to a different country? This TV show follows Dutch people, who are leaving the Netherlands and try their luck abroad. Every episode follows a different family to fantastic places all over the world.

Level: Intermediate and advanced.

Where to watch: NPO Start

Heel veel kijkplezier! = Have fun watching!

Are you also interested in Dutch expressions, vocabulary and fun facts?

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