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Flowers in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for its vibrant landscapes, where picturesque fields adorned with colorful blooms create a mesmerizing sight. Dutch flowers hold a special place in the hearts of locals and captivate visitors from around the world. Let’s dive into the enchanting world of typical Dutch flowers!

Tulips - The Pride of the Netherlands:

Red tulips in the Netherlands

Without a doubt, tulips (Nederlands: tulpen) are the most iconic of all Dutch flowers. In the 17th century, these vibrant blossoms captured the imagination of the Dutch elite and sparked a speculative frenzy known as Tulip Mania. While the speculative bubble eventually burst, it did not diminish the significance of tulips in Dutch culture.

Today, the Netherlands is the largest producer and exporter of tulips, supplying the world with an astonishing array of colors and varieties. From the classic tulip shapes to the striking parrot tulips and elegant lily-flowered tulips, the Dutch have perfected the art of tulip breeding, making them a symbol of beauty and endurance.

Crocuses - Early Signs of Spring:

Crocuses in bloom in the Netherlands

As winter lingers, crocuses (Nederlands: krokussen) emerge as early signs of spring, poking through the frosty ground with their delicate petals. These small yet resilient flowers blanket lawns and meadows, signaling the awakening of nature after the cold winter months.

Daffodils - A Splash of Sunshine:

Daffodils in the Netherlands

As winter recedes and spring announces its arrival, daffodils (Nederlands: narcissen) emerge, adding a burst of sunshine to the Dutch landscape. These cheerful and trumpet-shaped flowers come in various colors, from bright yellow to delicate white and soft orange. Daffodils are often planted in public spaces, parks, and gardens, creating a delightful ambiance that welcomes the warmer months.

Hyacinths - Fragrant Beauty:

Hyacinths in the Netherlands

Hyacinths (Nederlands: hyacinten) are treasured for their sweet and intoxicating fragrance. The Dutch cultivate these fragrant blooms in vibrant shades of purple, pink, white, and blue. Keukenhof Gardens, one of the most famous flower gardens in the world, proudly displays a stunning array of hyacinths, enchanting visitors with their scent and beauty.

Irises - A Touch of Elegance:

Irises in the Netherlands

Known for their striking and intricate blooms, irises (Nederlands: iris) add an element of elegance to Dutch gardens. These regal flowers come in various colors and have inspired artists and poets alike with their unique beauty.

Lily of the Valley - A Symbol of Happiness:

Lily of the valley in the Netherlands

With its delicate bell-shaped flowers and sweet fragrance, Lily of the Valley (Nederlands: Lelietje van Dalen or Meiklokje) has become a symbol of happiness and love in Dutch culture. This charming flower is often used in bridal bouquets and serves as a delightful addition to garden borders.

A Dutch expression with flowers: "De bloemetjes buitenzetten."

Putting the flowers outside

The Dutch love expressions just as much as flowers. The fantastic expression "De bloemetjes buitenzetten" translates to "Putting the flowers outside" and it means 'to party'! And De bloemetjes buitenzetten is something the Dutch love to do as well. But we will talk about that in another blog!

Are you interested in more Dutch expressions, vocabulary and fun facts?

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